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Tarps – Tarps – Tarps – Get ready for weather!

Tarps – Tarps – Tarps – Get ready for weather!

Pine Cone Lumber stock a full assortment of tarps to protect your jobsite and valuables from the elements. Shop Pine Cone Lumber for Tarps, rainsuits, Rain boots and plastic  sheeting.

Tarp Sizes in Stock:

6'x8'  9'x12'  10'x20'  16'x20'  18'x24'  20'x30'  26'x40'  30'x60'  40'x60'  50'x100'


Tytan tarps are woven and laminated polyethylene. They have grommets approximately every 3’. They have heat sealed seams and rope in the hem. They are waterproof and washable. Tytan’s GP blue tarps are of an 8×8 weave. They are good for marine covers, building material covers, machinery and industrial covers and roof covers. Be ready for the weather and get your tarps before the rains.

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Quik Drive Loaner Program

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Borrow the tool. Buy the screws. Get the job done, fast. Pine Cone Lumber and Simpson Strong Tie are making your life easier. You can use the Quik Drive Tool for free* and return the tool when the job is done. Just buy the fasteners needed and you are good to go!
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