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Thermoply 4'x8' sheets – Floor Protection Product

Thermoply 4'x8' sheets – Floor Protection Product

Thermoply structural sheeting makes the best floor protection material available. Thsi unique product lies straight and flat. Thermoply will wilthsatnd the rigors of your job while protecting the finished surface below. Use Thermoply for floor protection and give yourself peace of mind.  

  • Thermo-ply grades to fit needs all over the house: In addition to exterior wall
  • sheathing, consider using Thermo-ply as an air barrier in internal sheathing
  • applications that require a thin air-barrier or draft stop.
  • Temporary surface protector for floors and countertops.
  • Light-weight, durable and easy installation
  • Custom sizes and private label
  • Made in USA

Learn more about thermoply structural sheeting here!

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