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Penofin for Hardwood

Penofin for Hardwood

Penofin for Hardwood (Open as pdf)

Use Penofin for Hardwood on all fine hardwoods including ipe, mahogany and teak

- One Coat application

- 99% Ultraviolet protection

- High Grade mildewcide for mold and mildew protection

- Available in natural transparent tone, ipe and tigerwood

- Follow application instructions on container

- Higher content of Brazilian Rosewood oil for deeper penetration


Using a pump sprayer or a good quality china bristle brush, apply a light coat to clean, dry, unfinished wood.

After 20-30 minutes of absorption, wipe the entire surface with a nap-free cloth. Do not over apply or surface will become sticky or tacky.

DO NOT APPLY TO WOOD THAT IS TOO HOT TO THE TOUCH. Allow 12-24 hours before using.

Reapply Penofin several times the first year for maximum surface penetration as soon as the wood appears dry or faded.

Over time the wood fibers become fully protected and the maintenance will become less frequent.

Coverage per gallon: 300-400 square feet.


Remove mill glaze common to exotic hardwoods with Penofin 1st step prep allowing for deeper penetration of Penofin.

1st Step Prep will clean and brighten your exotic hardwood to return it to its beautiful, rich tone.


EASY APPLICATION! Thoroughly drench the surface with water to remove dirt and avoid streaking.

Apply 1st Step Prep to wet surface with a brush or pump-up sprayer.

Allow to set for 30 minutes, and then rinse away with plain water using a still bristle brush. (DO NOT USE METAL OR STEEL WOOL)

Rinse again and allow drying thoroughly before treating with PENOFIN HARDWOOD FORMULA.

Allow 48 hours drying time before staining with Penofin

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